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nie ma jeszcze tlumaczenia...

    Entliczek, pentliczek, malowany koniczek,

                                    czyli zabawki na strychu…

   Wystawa czynna:

                           od 1 czerwca do 30 września 2018 roku.


Bochnia, of which the first mention of the source is from 1198, was founded in 1253 as a city of Magdeburg law by the Duke of Cracow and Sandomierz Boleslaw V, called the Chaste, one of the oldest urban centers in the region of Malopolska. It is a unique example of medieval town of a mining history. Has its own rich history, unique atmosphere and specificity. These factors, as well as a great cultural tradition started here in the Middle Ages, the substantial achievements of the local regionalistyki recent decades, also large and active audience, provide an excellent rationale and incentive for the conduct of an active museum education and educational. It takes many different forms and is directed to a diverse range of loads.

nie ma jeszcze tlumaczenia...

Muzeum w Bochni

im. prof. Stanisława Fischera
Rynek 20, 32-700 Bochnia
tel/fax: +48 14 612 24 26
tel. +48 14 612 32 85

wt-pt w godz od 10.00 - 16.00
so-nd w godz od 10.00 - 14.00
Niedziela - WSTĘP WOLNY
poniedziałki nieczynne dla zwiedzających!!!

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