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nie ma jeszcze tlumaczenia...

    Entliczek, pentliczek, malowany koniczek,

                                    czyli zabawki na strychu…

   Wystawa czynna:

                           od 1 czerwca do 30 września 2018 roku.


"I care much for this, so that the museum was Bochnia perpetuated the memory of all those deserving bochnian, who did not think only about themselves and their personal interests, but it clashed with each other to give the nation and society as they could. I am thinking, and those who in the First and Second World War, fought for Polish freedom, and where very many different fields struggle were killed, and those who worked with the pen as scholars and writers, and the brush and chisel as graphic artists, and those political activists, social and educational, whose contribution to our cultural and economic life was significant and valuable (...) And gather all the news about them: books, essays and articles not just to remember those in Bochnia deserving people to consolidate, but and educational reasons, they may encourage the younger generation memorabilia bochnian to similar efforts, to work and sacrifices for the country and society. "
In a letter to Adam Zechenter from Stanislaw Fischer written in Bochnia, 23 February 1962.

nie ma jeszcze tlumaczenia...

Muzeum w Bochni

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